5 Dice Roll Trick

 The 5 Dice Roll Trick is a brilliant trick to help you build you basic math skills. Enjoy!
To start off you need 5 dice and a volunteer to perform this trick.
  • Ask a volunteer to take the 5 dice. They must shake the dice in their hands and roll them out onto a table.
  • Look at the dice with intensity. Tell everyone you going to work out what the bottom numbers are (all you doing is adding up the numbers and subtracting 35 from your total).
  • Write down the number on a piece of paper that no one else can see. Hand the piece of paper over to your volunteer.
  • Turn all 5 dice over and get the volunteer to add up the numbers.
  • Ask the volunteer to say out load what the total is.
  • Ask the volunteer to then open the paper and read out aloud what you wrote down.
Watch their faces as they look at you in amazement. Magic 🙂
How the trick works is very simple.
The opposite sides of a dice always add up to 7. If its 3 the opposite will be 4 etc.
If you roll 5 dice, the total of all the top and bottom numbers will be:
5 x 7 = 35
Pretty neat!!