Always get the Number 99 trick

This is a nice mind twisting trick
As you will see it does depend on certain specifics. There are certain instances where this trick wont work. Most of the time this trick will work. Experiment with it and see for yourself.
You can use a volunteer or try it yourself.
  • Write down any two different numbers.
    Example 29
  • Then reverse the two numbers.
    Example 29 becomes 92
  • Subtract the smaller number from the larger one.
    Example 92 – 29 = 63
  • Take the result and reverse the digits
    Example 36
  • and add that number to the answer you got when you subtracted the numbers.
    Example 36 + 63 = 99
This trick will work most of the time. Apart from those few instances when the numbers are too close together. Play around with it and most of all, Enjoy!