The Mental Dice Reading Trick

This is great mind reading dice trick. You can perform it blindfolded (try that for kicks) or with your back to the audience. Sounds good doesn’t it.
  • Ask a volunteer to roll 1 dice twice and to remember both numbers (remember you cant see anything)
    Example: First roll is 4 and the second roll is 2
  • Now get the volunteer to multiple the first number by 2. Add 5 to that answer.
    4 x 2 =8 + 5 = 13
  • Multiply the new answer by 5, and add the second rolls number to that final answer.
    13 x 5 + 2 = 67
  • Ask the volunteer to say what the answer is out aloud.
    67 it is!
  • Look into the volunteers eyes deeply while you subtract 25 the answer giving.
    67 – 25 = 42
  • The final answer will be the two numbers of the two rolls in order i.e 42 will be 4 rolled first and 2 rolled second.
Pretty neat stuff, have fun with that!